Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The third trimester

The third trimester on afeathery*nest  |  http://afeatherynest.com

Nighttime in our lovely, long awaited bed has mostly ceased to be the pleasant experience it once was. Sinking into its downy confines and cool cotton sheet embrace doesn't quite provide the solace it once did, as my third trimester weight gain and increased circumference ensures that most positions are quite uncomfortable.

Sometimes I can get the ratio of pillow-fluff-supporting-belly-rotundness just right and I'm able to fall asleep quickly, but whether I get there fast or slow the fact that I have to lay on my side ensures that sooner or later a leg or an arm will fall asleep (and not in the desired way) and I'll have to heave myself over. Either that or our little one's increased frequency of movements will keep me awake. And the closer we get to the birth, the less I sleep but that's more anxiety than anything else.

Other third trimester happenings?

Near daily heartburn and indigestion (which thankfully tapered off mid-way through this trimester) and the need to always have a plan of where the nearest bathroom is while out, as by 7.5 months I was on a 90'ish minute bathroom break cycle. (Thank goodness for charming hotels dotting Stockholm).

Then there was that little blip where I couldn't walk very well, but that only lasted two weeks (thanks to recovering from all the walking we did in Prague and the help of a physical therapist that had great advice).

Aside from the above, things have gone ridiculously smoothly (and comfortably) and we've had the luxury of being able to slowly prepare. There were bi-monthly midwife appointments, a birth plan written and emailed, the birth center information night and parent's prep course, lazy days to put the crib, high chair, and stroller together and to wash all of our baby clothes and textiles—and then find places to store everything, of course, and the gradual packing of our hospital bag.

Now everything is set up and awaiting for his/her arrival, just like we are.

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