Thursday, December 31, 2015

And then there were three

There are a few ways to say "to give birth" in the Italian1 language, the most poetic of which is "dare alla luce"—to give to the light. 

A few weeks ago, while R held me up after 40 hours of labor and I roared out my angst and shock at the amount of pain I was in, I gave birth to our son on the clearest, brightest, most unbelievably blue-skied day of this winter. As the sun began to flicker out after a glorious afternoon, our last one before our hearts no longer belonged solely to us, our little boy entered our life while a shaft of light danced across my bed and tears streamed down our faces.

He's finally here.

1 While we were at the birthing center, a certified letter arrived with the news that my request for Italian citizenship has finally been processed (2.5 years later, for anyone who's counting—see the backstory here). I'm officially a citizen of the Repubblica Italiana and our baby boy was born to two American/Italian parents.

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