Thursday, September 17, 2015

The first baby books on the bookshelf

Green Eggs & Ham, Goodnight Moon, A Wish from San Francisco  |  Getting ready for the next generation of readers on afeathery*nest  |

I've not mentioned it here, or to anyone apart from R and Johanna, but given how much I love books and how many hours I spent holed up in my childhood bedroom surrounded by stuffed animals while I read books cover to cover, I've been wondering how we'll handle the reading situation once our little one arrives.

Neither I nor Roberto plan on reading Swedish books to the baby—me, because my Swedish is not nearly good enough to understand, much less pronounce, the fantastical words used in children's fairytales, and R because Italian is the language of his heart and what he'll speak with our children (which is another reason for me, except of course swapping English for Italian).

Thanks to his/her Swedish grandmother, s/he won't miss out on anything, which makes me glad for many reasons, including because Swedish children's books are so beautiful—the illustrations, the quality of the paper, and the fine bindings basically create works of art.

(And some of the titles and topics create reasons for foreigners to laugh, such as "Alla de små döda djur", or, "All the small dead animals", about children realizing that the world is full of small dead animals that need burying. The illustrations in this one are particularly touching / amusing.)

But that still leaves a gap for us when it comes to reading books that resonate with us and our childhoods, none of which are readily available in our Swedish-speaking country.

We had already planned to pick up some Italian children's books on our next trip to Sicily, but English ones? Well, that's going to be a little more problematic since we don't have any upcoming trips planned pre-birth, although to be fair, I don't think we'll be doing any reading to the baby until well into next year, but still, that was on my mind.

And that's the beauty of caring friends, particularly those that know you really well and arrive for a visit to your new hometown in a foreign-language county with arms full of gifts, in her case: a trio of American children's books and a delicious assortment of chocolate from San Francisco.

Besides a classic Dr. Seuss and the must-have Goodnight Moon, she also brought a children's book on San Francisco. I so love that she combined the traditional with something personal and I can't wait to share them all with our little one someday soon.

(And, I'm so glad to have one point of pre-baby anxiety considerably reduced!)

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