Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pazienza, or the lack thereof

Lampedusa coastline  |  Pazienza, or the lack thereof on afeathery*nest  |  http://afeatherynest.com

In case anyone besides me has been keeping track, the promised 730 days (i.e., two years) maximum wait time for my approved Italian citizenship request to be processed has just passed and I still remain the citizen of solely one (great) nation. I probably shouldn't be quite so shocked, but our case officer in NYC just seemed so proud of and confident in the Italian law that limits the wait time that I put complete faith in her pronouncement.

But given how things have gone in my journey with the Italian government thus far (and my general experience with Italian bureaucracy after meeting R 10 years ago this month (!)), I really should have known better, because in Italy, ci vuole sempre pazienza (patience is most definitely a required virtue).

And truly, there's really no immediate need for me to have E.U. citizenship (thank goodness), since the (mostly) efficient Swedes already granted me permanent residency in Sweden (and thus the E.U.), meaning that apart from national- and E.U.-level voting, I have the right to essentially all the other benefits of citizenship already.

(It's really just all about me catching up with R, who now, thanks to being born into two and marrying into one citizenship, has THREE passports that he can flash around.)

And if Italy keeps this up, I have a Plan B, since in just-under-two years I'll be eligible for Swedish citizenship and I'm pretty sure it'll all be processed online, instantaneously.

The Italian flag on a speedboat  |  Pazienza, or the lack thereof on afeathery*nest  |  http://afeatherynest.com
Although since this amazing ride that I never could have imagined would be my life when I was a little girl in Virginia began exactly 10 years ago on a street in Sicily, I'd really love for the Italian citizenship to come through first. It's ever so much more poetic. And just.

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  1. Ha Ha and pazienza is one virtue that you cannot boast.;-). FM

  2. True, plus Italian passports and identity cards are so much prettier ;).


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