Monday, June 1, 2015

A speedier bicycle

Riding a motorcycle in Stockholm, Sweden  |  A speedier bicycle on afeathery*nest  |

Apart from his years with me in New York, R has always had a motorcycle (or two), but there was no way I would have "allowed" him (although he wouldn't use that word) to drive one in Manhattan, much less ridden with him.

Stockholm isn't New York, though. And now that we're in a more remote'ish part of town and given that the roads in Sweden are basically the safest in the world (and cars, bicycles and motorcycles know how to share the road in Europe), a motorcycle started to seem like a good thing to have around again.

And, let's be honest, Sweden's wide, curving roads bordering rolling landscapes that stretch for miles and miles between towns and cities are just calling to be vroomed down.

So when R found a really good deal for a perfectly-sized motorcycle on (Sweden's Craiglist), he swooped it up and no one was more surprised than he was when he drove it home and revved the engine below our living room window and I rushed down and giddily jumped on and said, let's go!

(I should mention that a motorcycle had quite a bit to do with how our chance meeting ten years ago this month in Sicily turned into something more, so riding one with R will always be something special to me.)

Riding a motorcycle in Stockholm, Sweden  |  A speedier bicycle on afeathery*nest  |
Riding a motorcycle in Stockholm, Sweden  |  A speedier bicycle on afeathery*nest  |

In the last year of living here we've been able to do quite a bit by just relying on public transit, our bicycles, and borrowing my in-law's car, but none of those options really have the freedom and ease of a motorcycle.

With public transit you're beholden to someone else's timelines and routes can be quite circuitous and sometimes not even completely to where you want to go. Bicycles are lovely and there's nothing like the feeling of your own power pushing you over bridges and gliding down hills but with that comes a few effects that aren't always desirable (arriving somewhere exhausted, a little perspired, and/or taking quite a while to get there). My in-law's car was a great alternative to the two, especially when we had to do some shopping, but from where we live now it's a 40-minute'ish one-way bus-subway-bus trip to get it from the parking lot, so that's not always the most convenient, either.

But, a motorcycle? Well, that's just easy. And fun.

Now on days when it's not raining and we both have to be at work around the same time we can commute in to the city together, and let me say, hopping on the back, holding on tight to him and zipping over a few bridges to Gamla Stan is a lot easier and more enjoyable than waiting around for a bus and then switching to the subway and starting my morning underground.

Plus, the freedom. Meeting after work, running two errands in completely different areas of town and then going to another part of town entirely for dinner? Amazing. I think we're going to have quite the adventurous little summer.

And I know someone else who would be really happy about our newest purchase, too.

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