Thursday, May 21, 2015

A wooly diversion

(c) Garnverket, via (c) Garnverket, via
Using the combination of my weather-induced gloomy disposition, the idea of shopping as retail therapy, and a need to replenish the yarn stash I had brought over from NYC as an excuse, I headed over to Kungsholmen to visit one of Stockholm's yarn stores. There are three that I know of, Ljungqvist Garn near Odenplan, Litet Nystan on Södermalm, and Garnverket on Kungsholmen.

I had never been to any of the three, though I had passed in front of the latter a few times while meandering about the waterfront near Norr Mälarstrand and the former thanks to its proximity to Cafè Pascal, one of my favorite coffee shops. And earlier this week with errands to run nearby, I finally had the chance to visit Garnverket.

Walking inside a yarn/craft shop is always gratifying—most have the same charming, cozy feel, with shelves of beautiful textiles, hand knits on display and there's always a quaint little worktable with chairs set up around it to host knitting nights. Garnverket was no different, with the added bonus of an exceptionally kind owner.

When I first came in she was helping another lady, giving me a chance to look around and get myself pumped up for a little Swedish session. By the time Annette came over to see if she could offer any assistance I was ready to squeeze out a few words and her warm demeanor helped me open up and we had a nice little chat.

She inquired as to what I had planned to make with the yarn I had chosen, why I had moved to Sweden, etc. After a few minutes she complimented me on my Swedish (I said she was kind, right?) and I told her I wish I was better at it after a year here, but working mostly from home in English, speaking two languages with R neither of which is Swedish, and not quite getting over the hurdle of switching (or attempting to) to speaking Swedish with native speakers whom I've always spoken English or Italian with, the only times I really speak any is when running errands, going to appointments or when we're out to eat, which really isn't all that much.

To which Annette responded to by inviting me to Garnverket's Knitting Café's, hosted frequently on weekday afternoons in the shop where anyone can come to sit and knit/crochet, drink coffee, chat with others, and get a little discount if they purchase any goods on those occasions. She told me that perhaps that would be a fun way to get a little more practice in (of both the speaking and crafting variety), which is something I had actually never done in NYC (despite many of the same setups throughout the city), but maybe, maybe I might get up the nerve to try it here.

In the meantime, I brought home nine of the sweetest, softest little skeins for my solo knitting cafè's at home.

P.S. Images above courtesy of Garnverket's Google+page since I was too preoccupied with Swedish grammar to take any of my own.

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  1. Only you could make knitting sound interesting. :)


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