Friday, April 10, 2015

Weekending every day

Tranebergsbron, Bromma, Stockholm  |  Weekending every day on afeathery*nest  |

I've figured out what it is I like best about our newest little nest (aside from its size, making it a not-so-little nest, at least according to NYC standards): walking in after being away for the day feels the way I imagine it would feel like when you leave on the last train out of a city at the end of a long, trying week and finally arrive at your weekend place.

Except we get to come home to this every day.

There's something about us being towards the top of the last building by the edge of the water, looking out from fairly big windows directly over said water, and having tongue-and-groove wood ceilings that all combine together to create an atmosphere that is not at all unlike being on a boat (to further draw out my relaxing, weekending analogy).

I was worried about feeling isolated, and true, I still haven't gotten used to grocery shopping requiring a 40-minute round-trip stroll and not having a coffee shop around the corner to pop into, but putting up with that is ever so much easier when daily life in your apartment feels like a vacation.

So much so that I can also forgive the dated bathrooms and not having the required direct sunlight on our balcony to make reenactments of my old morning routine possible.

Although, I could just step right outside and achieve the same effect:

Ulvsundasjön Bromma Stockholm  |  Weekending every day on afeathery*nest  |
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