Monday, April 6, 2015

Almost spring

Rosenbad on Norrbro in Stockholm  |  Almost spring on afeathery*nest  |
A little smorgasbord of an update, in list form:

+ The office that I've been working out of recently is in Gamla Stan (Old Town), and let me tell you, there's something quite special about popping off the subway on the island there, walking into an old (as in, more than a few hundred years old) building, heaving open a vault-like door and climbing up stone steps to a quaint little broad-wood-plank-ed office complete with a vintage, typically Swedish fireplace (a kakelugn, something like these) to work for the day—with a stroll around the island at lunchtime to watch the boats bop around.

+ I have a habit of scrolling around and zooming in along the coastlines of Stockholm on Google Maps to find interesting places for a fika or proper meal. I've had good luck before and last week I struck again with Bockholmen Hav och Restaurang, a quaint little cottage named for the teensy island it stands on in the northern part of Stockholm. I made reservations for us to have brunch there last week. The only problem was that it took some doing to get there—and it was raining. But a quick bus ride, then a subway ride, plus another two bus rides and a brisk stroll across a bridge later, and we were there. Brunch was a buffet, Swedish style, and super charming and cozy as we sat at our candlelit table with a view of the rain-lashed landscape outside.

(But we took a cab home).

Sunday brunch at Bockholmen Hav och Restaurang  |  Almost spring on afeathery*nest  |
Sunday brunch at Bockholmen Hav och Restaurang  |  Almost spring on afeathery*nest  |

We had Easter dinner this year with family in Vasastan on Saturday, complete with a rounds of snaps, Swedish drinking songs (which I haven't learned just yet), and a yummy meal of scrambled eggs two ways served in eggshells, sill (pickled herring), Janssons frestelse (that yummy creamy Swedish potato dish), and a delicious, perfectly marinated lamb roast.

+ With Spring 2.0 coming around (since this year's first attempt at spring didn't quite stick) along with a drastic change in temperature, everyone at R's work including him have been hit with a seasonal bug, which I took as an excuse to whip up a batch of my chili, ginger, spring onion, and garlic-laced Mexican chicken and avocado soup—which ended up being our actual Easter Sunday lunch and dinner. It hasn't seemed to work its magic just yet, though, so perhaps time for Batch 2.

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