Wednesday, April 1, 2015

365 days ago

Gamla Stan from Norr Mälarstrand, Stockholm  |  365 days ago on afeathery*nest  |

With all the recent hoopla—like the big move, assembling that blasted sofa and settling in to our new neighborhood, plus a few other things I didn't get a chance to mention last month, like "graduating" from Swedish language school and starting to work again (at least part time for now)—I almost let this date slip us by.

It's already been one year since we packed upleft NYC and landed in Stockholm.

How is that possible?

On the one hand, we've done so very much in just a year of being here in Stockholm—and in Europe in general, i.e.,
On the other hand, seriously, it's already been a year?

I'd thought that after twelve months I'd have something deep and philosophical to share about living in a foreign country, but really, all I can say is that I have no regrets about leaving New York.

While there have been some odd and not-so-beautiful things I've experienced since moving to Sweden, a country that really wasn't even on my radar until a few years ago (and never did I once as a child imagine living in Scandinavia), I'm still enormously glad to be here.

And now that we've got our little nest set up, I think we'll find ourselves feeling more settled, secure and "legit" here in Sweden, which should make for an even better Year 2.

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  1. What an epic incredible year! I want to hear how work is going. And WOW, graduated from Swedish language school--that's huge J!

  2. Thanks so much, Christina!
    Definitely an epic, incredible year! :)

    Right now work is a part-time, freelance strategy gig, BUT I was interviewing for full-time jobs earlier this year and the offer I decided to take is a fun, challenging one—something a little different than the brand strategy I've been doing (but directly related). Only thing is, I can't start just yet, hence the part-time freelance to keep me occupied ;).

  3. I am so happy to hear that you got a job already!. I have been reading so my blogs that indicated that it is almost impossible to get a job in Sweden.
    Maybe you are one of the lucky ones or maybe you have the secret about how to get a job in Sweden (which could be a new
    It gives me hope that I am not going to Sweden to be unemployed forever.
    Happy, Happy for you

  4. Hey there, Isabel!

    Thanks so much for your sweet note—so kind of you! :)

    I don't know that I'm particularly lucky, and I definitely don't have a secret (I wish!), it's just been a matter of being ridiculously patient (so far, at least). For example, I was offered a full-time job in February, but I haven't been able to start it yet...lots of patience required! :)

    I'm sure you'll have some good news of your own to share once you're settled here and begin the process. Best of luck with the move and thank you again for being so supportive!


  5. I hope that it works for me too once I move to Sweden and if it does then the fika is on me! It will be nice to meet a fellow NYer in Stockholm!


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