Wednesday, November 5, 2014

"The glory of life"

Koffie in Vasastan, Stockholm  |  "The glory of life" on afeathery*nest  |
"The ability to walk from one point to the next point, that is half the battle won. Go out and walk. That is the glory of life."
From the whimsical, yet always stirring, Maira Kalman—one of the more lovelier quotations I've seen recently. And believe in mightily, as you know.

I've been spending the last few days walking, walking, and walking (and sometimes bicycling when it's not too damp out) some more all around my new neighborhood. Getting to know the good place for juice, for coffee, for morning strolls and evening promenades. Seeing a few early holiday decorations go up, but nothing too elaborate (thank goodness). The weather lately has been quite mild, making these late autumn strolls all the more enjoyable, so I'm trying to enjoy the weather while I can, especially as an antidote to the ever-shortening dark days of winter.

Growing up quite a few latitudes lower than Stockholm, I wasn't at all prepared to see the sun set at 4:30PM (and it's going to get earlier!). We changed our clocks back over a week ago and I still feel like I'm suffering from some sort of spacey-brained jet-lag.

Walks are the cure, I believe.

And candles, of course.

Both of which are how and what I found at Koffie, a fresh, cozy little café in our new neighborhood. When R left for his first "commute" from my in-laws' apartment to work I walked out with him to the subway stop, with the idea of grabbing a juice and taking a long walk after. Pre-move, as we cleaned up and vacated our sublet, good food was low on the list of things to prepare as we tried to finish everything in our fridge and cupboards (leading to very odd dishes) and since then we've been indulging in comforting autumnal dishes with the family post-move (like, pannbiff and falukorv, both delicious Swedish classics), so, I felt my tummy craving loads of greens.

Which lead me to find this adorable little cafè with the most charming of storefronts (seen above). I walked in just after 9AM on a Sunday—the first customer to enjoy the cozy atmosphere, complete with baskets of fruit and candles lit on every surface. I snuggled onto the sheepskins and drank down my juice, then headed out for a good long stroll before settling in for long study session.

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