Friday, October 3, 2014

To ride or not to ride

Nordiska Museet |  To ride or not to ride on afeathery*nest  |
I mentioned autumn arrived here a few weeks ago, but turns out that was just a mild flirtation. Now, though, it's really here and committed. For the most part we've been having brilliant days with bright sunshine and clear skies, which has made cycling into the city for class a joy.

Well, theoretically a joy. While it's beautiful and refreshing to be outside this time of year, huffing up Stockholm's many hills—especially along the waterfront as I cross 3 different bridges on the perimeter of Södermalm and Gamla Stan—results in just as sticky of a ride as my summer slogs did. With the wind blowing—nay, gusting—off the sea and into my face, I seem to be working twice as hard to get around.

On the one hand, that'll be quite an efficient and economic way to wage battle against the onset of winter hibernation's extra padding suddenly appearing on my sides.

On the other hand, it's tiring, so I really can't say I mind at all when gray, drizzly days come along and I'm "forced" to leave Cleo home and hop on the tunnelbana to enjoy the view of this pretty city from the windless subway car...

Södermalm into Gamla Stan  |  To ride or not to ride on a feathery*nest  |
Vendelas Deli & Bistro in Vasastan in Stockholm   |  To ride or not to ride on a feathery*nest  |
...and stay cozied up in a cafe for even longer than usual.

PS. That's just me pretending to read Metro on the subway above. (Well, pretending to understand everything I read...I did make out some of the headlines!)

One year ago: Properly ushering autumn in <-- how fitting!


  1. I would ride and stay at the cafe a little longer. No??;-)

  2. But not when it's raining!
    (Other days, definitely yes, though!) Xx


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