Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall fika at Svindersviks Brygghus in Nacka

Fall fika at Svindersviks Brygghus in Nacka on afeathery*nest  |

After a massive salmon, potato and dill-yogurt sauce lunch at home on Saturday I was all set to hunker down on the sofa with Netflix and a glass of fizzy water to laze away the afternoon—until I happened to check the 10-day forecast on my little weather app and saw not one single sun icon on the entire screen. There were, however, lots of clouds and raindrops. I peeked over the couch cushions to the glorious cobalt blue sky and golden sunshine filtering through all the tiger-orange and mustardy-yellow leaves outside and then back to my phone's screen.

Couch. Sunshine. Couch. Sunshine. Gloom for the next 10 days. Sunshine today.

A few rounds of that and one quick Google Maps search for a new coffee place nearby to try and I hauled myself up off the couch and wheeled Cleo out the door. After 6 months living in Hammarby Sjöstad I had somehow never heard of Svindersviks Brygghus, an adorable-looking coffeehouse on the bank of a canal less than 15-minutes away by bicycle.

A few windy, empty back roads and one traffic light later I was coasting down a pebbly, leaf-strewn pathway to this charming, typically currant-red Swedish stuga. I went in—where the stooped ceilings, wide wooden-planked floors and old-time-y feel reminded me of Tant Bruns Kaffestuga from last Sunday in Sigtuna—and ordered a cup of coffee and a chokladboll (as usual).

Fall fika at Svindersviks Brygghus in Nacka on afeathery*nest  |
Fall fika at Svindersviks Brygghus in Nacka on afeathery*nest  |
Back outside I settled myself on a wooden bench to enjoy my fika, the view, the sunshine playing against the foliage, and the incredibly crisp autumn air. I wasn't the only person doing so (no wonder the roads were empty!). Looking out at the dreary skies today, I'm so glad to have snuck in an afternoon in the sun this weekend.

* A version of this post appeared on View Stockholm.

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  1. Such a beautiful afternoon!! Love fall scenes and colors!! Similar to the one I spent. Lovely setting. Good you got off of that couch...:-)

  2. Ha, yes, me too! Especially as it's SUPER gloomy and moody outside today :). Was so fun finding this little gem close to home! Now I need to see YOUR weekend pics! ;)

  3. I sent them to you this morning. You get them?


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