Tuesday, September 30, 2014

View from on high at Hammarbybacken

I'm not one to let someone leave unheralded.

[I'm also not one to sleep well (or at all) until everyone is home and tucked into bed (which means this last week of R working nights has left me with mush for brains).]

But with regards to the latter, when R went to Milan for work a few weeks ago and planned to catch the 6AM tram to the airport shuttle bus, I told him I'd wake up, too.

And not just wake up and drowsily wave goodbye from half-under the covers. Nope, I was up, dressed, and percolating coffee by the time he emerged from the bathroom.

As I walked him to the tram stop I realized it was the perfect morning to finally climb Hammarbybacken, the man-made hill-turned-ski-slope behind our apartment. I'd passed it often when heading to the woods for a walk, and it looms over me when I'm at the outdoor gym, but I'd never actually hiked to its summit.

[Summit sounds quite grand, but it only takes 15 minutes of scrambling to get to the top.]

As soon as R's tram pulled away I walked over and started climbing. Before he'd even gotten to the airport shuttle bus stop, I was already surveying the beautiful sunrise views from the highest point. I was alone at first, and then an older man ambled up and began meditating. He looked so peaceful that I tried a riff on my own version, which basically meant I stood there awkwardly trying to not look awkward.

I finally gave up and just enjoyed the spectacular view inward over the city (below) and outward towards the archipelago (above). Can't think of a more perfect way to have spent the first morning of September.

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