Monday, September 1, 2014

Peeking out

View of Gamla Stan & Södermalm from Kungsholmen  |  Peeking out on afeathery*nest  |

Notice something different?

Take a look up. All the way up to your address bar.

I finally bought my own domain!

I'd been thinking that since I've (surprisingly) kept this up for almost two years now, perhaps it was time to make it all nice and official.

And that's not all...

A few fortuitous encounters happened because of my Instagram feed (which I made "public", but still anonymous, a few months ago) and this (anonymous/private) blog after moving to Stockholm. Like: a tourism organization for the city found me via my photographs and asked if I'd like to write about my experiences as a new expat in Stockholm on their site.

Of course I said yes.

Which brings me to the the next little surprise.

While I don't know who all of you are (although I see your digital footprints—thanks for visiting!), maybe you'd like to know who I am? If you've been curious about what comes after the "J", head on over to my updated About page. You'll also see a link to my writing gig for View Stockholm there (and if you happen to like what you read on their site, I'd love if you would share and like the posts).

Starting off my favorite season with a bang, eh?

P.S. Please update your feed readers & Bloglovin'!

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  1. Congrats on all of this! Really cool. This is all just the beginning, isn't it. Best of luck.

  2. Thanks so much, Joel—really appreciate it!
    And, I hope so! :)

  3. Congrats on going official! Just the start of who knows what but all good things! And funny you should mention that... we're in the midst of transitioning everything over to Live Like You're Traveling...! So interesting how instagram is such a direct access point of collaborations like this one... (oh should we update your post with an updated link then...?)...

  4. Thanks, and congrats to y'all as well! I was actually thinking about OTSP vs. LLYT, funny! :)

    Agree completely about IG—I find I'm using it much more for creativity/discovering than I'd ever used FB or Twitter.

    And, sure, would be great if you could update the links! There's an automatic redirect, but direct links are always better. :)

  5. Ha! So where did you net out? (OTSP vs LLYT)? :) I took care of your links. There were a couple.

  6. Thanks for taking care of those, much appreciated!

    And, I got to the same place as y'all: LLYT won out—since when y'all talk about people that are "OTSP", they're essentially those that live by the same mantra as you both do (they LLY/They'reT). LLYT seems to be the bigger message to me :).


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