Monday, September 8, 2014

After 9 years, 9 days in southern Spain

Karlbergskanalen, Kungsholmen, Stockholm  |  After 9 years, 9 days in Southern Spain on a feathery *nest  |

Nine years ago I was mentally set on spending a month traveling around Spain between college graduation and beginning my career. Spain made more sense than any other European country since I had studied Spanish all through middle and high school, plus a semester in college.

Yet just before purchasing the ticket, and for a combination of reasons, my arrival airport changed from Barcelona to Rome.

And then on my last stop in a chic hillside town in Sicily, I met R.

Meaning that almost all of my non-work trips to Europe since then have been to Italy or Sweden. And I never made it to Spain.

But, I'm about to change that.

Following in the tradition of birthday adventures I've been adamant about keeping up the last few years, we've just landed in the south of Spain for a road trip adventure! We'll be there for 10 nights and 9 full days driving around the coast of Andalucia and I'm hoping against hope it's everything I've always imagined it would be (and that it's not too hot!).

While I'm beyond excited to be off, I also love knowing I'll be coming back to this beautiful city.

P.S. I won't be posting anything here while we're away, but as long as I can find Wi-Fi I'll be sharing  pictures on Instagram. See you there now, and back here later this month!

P.P.S. Coincidentally, last week I published a post about a dinner at Restaurant Andalucia (and why I'll probably always be a city dweller) for View Stockholm.

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  1. What a great birthday tradition! I hope Spain is everything you hoped it would be! xo

  2. Thanks so much, dear! Half a day in and so far, so (very!) good! Xx

  3. i love your birthday tradition. I will be looking ffwd for your pictures in IG. Have a great trip.

  4. Hey Dixya dear, so sweet of you, thanks! Hope all is well in TX! Xx

  5. Any reason is a good reason to travel and if you can wrap it around a birthday... all the better! Such a great destination for you guys this year. What i've seen so far is beautiful...and it's truly a great ride along the coast.

  6. Thanks so much, Mu-Hsien! It really has been spectacular so far! Thanks for your comment here and comments there on IG along the way---has been so nice to share the experience live :).


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