Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend play-by-play

View from Skansen over Djurgården + Östermalm/Norrmalm  |  Weekend play-by-play on afeathery*nest  |
Saturday AM:
I'd gotten used to the crazy light show that is a Scandinavian summer, yet this morning at 5AM I sat straight up in bed and ambled out to the living room. Why exactly? No idea. There was a wee bit of ruckus down below, but I can usually fall right back to asleep after hearing murmurs and whatnot. Today though, not so much.

I stood out on the balcony to stare moonily at the rising sun-lit sky (and to see what my neighbors were up to: one dad was up cleaning from yesterday's BBQ, but no one else spotted). I considered taking a picture to Instagram (naturally), but, eh, the view isn't that spectacular from where we are so I shuffled back inside and thought about what I could do.

The usual commenced: blogs, news, Facebook, Instagram, a few mini Google searches for an upcoming trip.

Then it was 6AM and I realized it was finally a sane time to make coffee.

So I did, and had the brilliant idea to document this mundane morning...and share it with you (you're welcome).

Maybe I should keep this going all weekend...?

Saturday PM:
...Might as well now that I've started!

So—after a morning at home drinking coffee and falling into the black hole that is watching little kids singing on X Factor and the like on YouTube by myself, and then listening to a Best Love Songs of the 80's playlist (...) with R when he finally woke up, we headed out to visit his mom and her partner for a fika, and then to Solviksbadet for a picnic and swim (can't get over the concept of swimming in a city's waterways!) with friends before a movie night.

Saturday late PM:
We didn't get home until almost 1AM and fell asleep for a few hours before being tumultuously awoken to a crazy storm with gushing rain, crackling lightning and huge booms of thunder. Haven't experienced one of those since summers in Virginia!

Sunday PM:
Sleeping in (hence no Sunday AM), then pancakes. I seem to keep forgetting that I'm useless the next day after an even remotely "late" night. We managed to drag ourselves out to the balcony for a few hours of reading (and nodding off), before we finally had the energy to go for a quick bicycle ride around the port in Finnboda / Nacka.

Then home for a glass of wine outside before heading in for a pizza on the couch and a movie. Best kind of Sunday, especially following an early morning / late night Saturday.

How was your weekend? 

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