Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The biggest differences I've noticed in Sweden: Vol. 3

Hammarby Sjöstad at dusk  |  The biggest differences I've noticed in Sweden: Vol. 3 on afeathery*nest  |

The abundance and economy of the exotic:
Never before have I seen such a robust spice selection at the local grocery store. Cardamom! Garam Masala! Sumac! All for about the same price as black pepper!

Things are more...manual here:
Women's monthly products don't come individually wrapped with applicators...

Pedestrians and bicyclists are always given the right of way:
Have never seen treatment of non-motorists as deferential as this—obviously it's not at all the same in NYC.

Air conditioning doesn't exist:
Not only do apartments not seem to come standard with it (a la San Francisco), but even if stores, buses and subways have it, they don't actually use it. Now you know I'm all for energy savings, but this proved to be more than a bit problematic during this summer's shockingly unexpected heatwave. Ick.

Anyone accompanying a child in a stroller rides free on Stockholm's buses:
When a parent/grandparent/adult boards a bus with a stroller, they do so from the wide, double doors in the middle of the bus. They get on there...and stay there. No move is made to the front to swipe their transit card on the reader. At first I thought people were taking advantage of getting on the bus somewhere other than the main door, but turns out, that's just another way the country supports parents and child caretakers. If you board a bus with a stroller, you ride for free. The same doesn't hold true for the subways, but then again, I would think adults prefer the buses rather than having to deal with an underground elevator (no matter how clean the Swedish public transit system is, I don't think it's possible for any city to have fresh-smelling subterranean elevators).

* A few more Swedish differences 

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  1. very interesting - i love how exotic spices are affordable there. Life without a/c is just impossible here but hopefully you will adjust to that.

  2. That was an amazing surprise! (Especially when so many other things are more expensive here).

    And re: summer, apparently this is the hottest one in 150 years, so I keep reminding/cheering-up-myself with the refrain 'this is an anomaly and next year will be back to normal' :).

  3. I really enjoy your blog! I just arrived in Stockholm from London on Monday and have found it very useful to get tips on where to go! Thank you!

  4. Charlotte! Hiya! Thank you so much---you made my eve! Welcome to Stockholm...hope you like the heat :)

  5. omg...... I will let you guess which one I'm reacting to :)

  6. Haha, that definitely took some getting used to...I will say, though, it's nice to be able to tote muccchhh smaller purses/clutches 😄


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