Friday, August 15, 2014

More lessons to learn

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It appears that I'm still discovering things I decidedly do not like to (am not good at) make(ing), so in the hopes that I shan't make the same mistake again, henceforth is a list of rules based on lessons I should have learned by now for me to refer back to anytime I have the itch to make something (that I probably shouldn't).

RULE #1:
I will not make clothes for R because he is just too tall and broad-shouldered. Since it takes so long to make things for him, I get bored, which leads to mistakes or even worse, knitting without any love woven in. That can only lead to an unraveling.

RULE #2:  
I will not knit endless stockinette. For one, it's just too boring to do the same thing over and over again. And secondly, the lack of variation means you can't hide mistakes so well. So the finished (if I do finish) product is not as nice as I'd like, and when I'm not proud of something I won't wear it/gift it. (For non-knitters, this is what stockinette looks like—it's made by knitting one stitch, forever.)

RULE #3:
I will not knit piece-y projects—the ones that require making separate collars or sleeves or what-have-you. Chances are that because of my inability to perfectly knit individual pieces in the same way, they're not going to come together very nicely at the end when it's time to seam them all together.

(Items I can knit all in one go, i.e., sleeveless and one-piece tops for myself and raglan-sleeved baby bits are where I excel).

(Also napkins. But you know this.)

While I can crochet, I'd much rather knit. Knowing that about myself, I'm not sure why I have four crochet hooks, but I do, so when I came across a whimsical crochet pattern for 3-D'ish flowery bits I had to try it. Which brings us to:

RULE #4 (building off of the previous):
I will not attempt granny-square projectsThey are just not my cup of tea. Or my cup of coffee. (For non-knitters, granny-square projects create items made up of many little squares or hexagons of crocheted bits bound together to form a bigger thing, like this.)

It's hard to make handmade things uniform, harder still for someone like me that's not so adept at keeping my tension and bind-offs nice and even, so once I had 9 of these little flowery pods sewn together I looked at it screwy-eyed and deemed it imperfect and thus I unwound the whole thing.

The bad news? Since each little square was a finished piece in itself, I have a mess of random clippings of yarn.

The good news? I get to start a new project!

Update: A year later, I have some updates to this list.

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  1. That cute thing above looks pretty perfect to me!

  2. Thanks, dear, that's sweet of you to say. I just didn't know what to do with it, though! I thought about turning it into a little clutch, but see how the edges are oddly scallop-y? Made it look...less-than-chic when I turned it into a pouch. Also the wonky seaming (especially between the middle and right "column" was driving me nuts). Ugh.

  3. Always fun to start a new project, especially if they do not take long to make.

  4. Being a perfectionist is not much fun sometimes...:-(. I look at things screwy-eyed too to make sure it looks right, or else it gets unraveled. Wonder where you got that unraveling trait from??..;-)

  5. Haha, all your fault! ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜‡

  6. Heck yes! I'm already on my second project after this one.

  7. All shall be revealed soon (although I already sent you pics of one and told you about the other ๐Ÿ˜‰).


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