Friday, August 1, 2014

Hello, August

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Ahhh, finally back to the way it should be. We had a few thoroughly refreshing rain showers and the city is all fresh and sunny and breezy and lovely again. Summer in Stockholm as it should be (or, as I'd like it to be).

Now we can go back to sitting outside and snuffling up the scent of all manner of korv being grilled on balconies and in courtyards. To sipping a little wine and listening to a little Bruce Springsteen accompanied by the chorus of children cavorting down below (although apparently this will be our year-round soundtrack, as children in Scandinavia play outside no matter the weather thanks to seriously hard-core all-weather gear).

My two-week hiatus from bicycling has finally come to an end, too—and really, it's not like riding the subway or busses was cooler, it was just a means to potentially avoid me having a heat stroke on the way to and from school—so I'm back to gliding along the waterfront snuffling up the salty sea air.

But while things have been a little slow on the exploring front recently (I blame the heat, naturally), I did finally make it out to Skansen (the open-air museum on Djurgården) for a field trip with SFI last week. And earlier this week I had amazing Greek food at Kamarina in Södermalm, a friend's "secret" place. So nice to have something other than our hodge-podge meals at home and Italian, Swedish, or Japanese in general. Now, if I could only find some good Mexican...

In any case, though, it's been nice having a slower pace at the moment, especially since we've got some travel coming up this fall. So August? Come on in, I'm ready for you!

P.S. Did a little blog maintenance this week and installed DISQUS for comments. Hopefully that'll be easier for y'all!

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