Monday, August 25, 2014

Another go at it

After my last little flop, I regrouped and popped out two new projects that, thankfully, I did not end up unraveling. The first was a birthday gift for S, our friends' daughter, who celebrated her third with a big bash this weekend.

// Sidebar: I wish* I could send you a taste of the food that S's grandmother on her mother's side made for the party. That half of the family is Kurdish from Iraq, so the cuisine was slightly reminiscent of home (from both my own family and my brother's wife's, whose family is from Afghanistan) and I filled my plate three (and a half) times from platters of the most heavenly-scented rice (with the cracklings on top!), pomegranate and cilantro salad, meat-filled rice balls that were incredible and delightfully crunchy and savory, and chicken you can't even believe could ever be so crispy.

I haven't had much Middle Eastern or Indian subcontinent food lately (despite Stockholm being full of it thanks to so many foreigners from that part of the world living here now), which probably accounted for some of my gluttony. (The rest was entirely because the food was outrageously delicious). The table was also dotted with jars of rosewater "soda" and of lime-mint water, and we interspersed the afternoon with perfectly brewed tea served in gorgeous glasses with scrolled gold carriers. My hands were too full with the food and the tea to take a picture, but trust me, I felt (and dined) like royalty! //

S is going through her princess phase, specifically Snow White, so I thought that a little pair of knit ladylike fingerless gloves with a crocheted flower on top would suit her perfectly. But it's always a little tricky to make something for children, even more so this time for me because I didn't measure her beforehand (although I was lucky that last weekend she was playing with my knitting bag and when she asked what the ruler was for, I demonstrated by measuring her hands. When I came home I rushed to measure what I had already finished making and thank goodness, they were the right size).

There's also the element of "finickiness" (for lack of a better word) inherent in making or gifting a child something—I wanted to create something that S would like and enjoy for a long time, not just for a few hours.

So you can imagine how ecstatic I was when after the party her mama sent me a photo of S sleeping...still wearing them. I'm still smiling about it!

P.S. I also whipped up a new market bag. The last one was long and narrow, this one is short and wide. That first is perfect for wine and olive oil bottles, milk cartons, flowers and R's bread, while I made this one for vegetables, cheese, and other squat market goodies.

*Actually, I don't know if I would, even if I could, send you a taste. It was that good and I might not be inclined to share...

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