Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer's morning light

Summer's morning light on afeathery*nest  |

My favorite time of day this summer is 7AM. That's when the apartment is flooded with warm morning sunshine and I open the balcony door and take a glass of water, a cup of coffee and my phone toggled to my favorite news app outside with me.

(Sometimes I read the news...sometimes I slyly spy on my neighbors' morning routines.)

I perch myself in the wicker armchair facing the sun and sit with my eyes closed for a few minutes. This is the only meditation I need. A few deep breaths, a whiff of salty sea air, and the distant giggle of a child being slowly woken up.

Even when the sun is strong and beating down on my upturned face, the air is miraculously fresh and cool. I've never experienced a summer like this: there's no humidity! Virginia was full of it, NYC too, and of course Sicily is heaped in it (plus just hotter anyway).

But this natural marvel of crisp, fresh, weightless air is something I'm still getting used to. I don't have to pull my old tricks of washing my hair in the morning and leaving it wet and wound atop my head to act as my portable air conditioner and blood-pressure-lowerer as I braved the NYC subway commute (truly one of Dante's circles). And what a relief to no longer plan my day around ensuring I'm inside and safe from the waves of suffocating air between 9:30AM and 4 PM.

It's liberating.

The same way I never imagined I'd fly over three bridges on my bicycle as part of my daily routine, I never imagined I'd ever say these words:

I'm actually enjoying summer (formerly my absolute least favorite season).

How's your summer going?

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  1. Ah your apartment looks lovely! Been meaning to pop over for ages and have a little nosey around. So glad you're settling so well. Your life looks so happy and settled x

    1. We were so lucky with this tastefully furnished sublet and are definitely settling in nicely even though we know it's temporary! So glad to see you here, thanks for popping over! :)


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