Thursday, July 3, 2014

Moving on up at SFI

In a highly-surprising turn-of-events, my teacher at SFI (Svenska för Invandrare, or, Swedish for Immigrants) pulled me aside earlier this week and said she thinks I should be the first to move out of the introductory level of classes (called 3CT, where those with college educations and the ability to speak 2+ languages start) to the first official level of Swedish language instruction (3C).

While it's true that I am able to read and understand our texts and worksheets faster than the others in my class, there's still the little problem that I can't actually speak Swedish (apart from being able to mostly successfully order a cappuccino).

But she said that rather than wait impatiently in my current class for the rest to catch up, it's better that I struggle for a few weeks in the next level. As most of those students have been here for 3+ months (and almost all live with 100% Swedish partners), they can already carry on simple conversations and don't freeze and panic when someone addresses them in Swedish.

After a few days I can't say that I've magically begun to speak the language, but, I'm just the teensiest bit less petrified to attempt it, so that's something.

P.S While lovely Cleo played no part in the bump (apart from taking me to and from school), I had to show off the dapper woven basket R found and mounted for me and my latest knitted doodad: a cotton market bag to make my frequent stops at the grocery store a wee bit more stylish.

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  1. congrats!!! you seem to be adjusting so well..and after i saw that grocery bag of yours, I got inspired to get into crocheting...its been pretty frustrating so far though :(

    1. Thanks!

      And, don't get too frustrated/overwhelmed, I spend lots of nights unraveling my knitting/crocheting and reading and re-reading instructions and watching YouTube videos to figure out what the heck I did wrong. Keep at it, dear! :)

  2. Get a swedish friend! Also, I can recommend that you use if you feel that your social life isn't quite where you want it to be yet. It made all the differences for me when during my 6 month internship. I know how hard it can be in a new country without a proper social network. My Swedish experience wouldn't even be half as good if it wasn't for the lovely people that I've met along the way. There's loads of different groups on there and it should even be a language exchange group (haven't tried that one), but I can personally recommend the "Girls Do Brunch"-group. All the girls are really nice and are easy to talk to. Most of them are expats as wells, so it's someone to share your cultural experiences and challenges with. Good luck with you Swedish!

    1. Hey there!

      So nice of you to take the time to leave some advice based on your experience—thanks!

      I actually do have Swedish friends...but we've just realized that after a few 3-hour long conversations just for me to explain how I'm doing, we'd better switch to English until I have a few more weeks of SFI under my belt. :)

      It's only been 4 weeks since the most Swedish I knew was "God Jul" and "Tack", so I'm trying to have a bit of patience, but of course it's frustrating! Especially since all the most common verbs are the irregular ones and without them, it's a bit hard to carry on any sort of conversation :).

      Meetup is definitely a good idea, but my shy/introverted nature doesn't mesh well with big groups of strangers/small talk. I may keep at the organic making-friends-route but if I start to get lonely, I'll definitely check it out, as being a NYer, I'm always up for brunch :).

      Where are you from originally and where are you now?

  3. I knew you would excel as you always do!! FM


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