Friday, July 11, 2014

Canalside life in Hammarby Sjöstad: sidewalk sushi

Sushi with a view at PONG Henriksdal  |  Canalside life in Hammarby Sjöstad: sidewalk sushi on afeathery*nest  |
While living in NYC we were a bit of an anomaly, as we tended to dine home more often than not. We certainly still took advantage of the incredible variety of cuisines to be had there, but the thought of pajamas and easy access to seconds at home were generally more tempting than heading out, no matter how tired we felt to cook.

Here, though, it seems we never go out for dinner. We're much more likely to see friends at our home or theirs for a meal and given our schedules these days, it's not really difficult at all for me to stop by the market (and Systembolaget) on the way home and make dinner after school before R arrives.

So, that's what we do.


But this week the gorgeous weather and R's newly-fixed bike and the call of the sailboat bells in our little port neighborhood were too tempting to make staying at home and eating on the terrace seem like a good option (even though it really is a good option). So, we hopped on our bikes and rather than just taking a spin down a forest path or along the riverfront, we rode to our waterfront and plopped ourselves down at one of the outside tables on the sidewalk at PONG Henriksdal for some very good sushi.

View from PONG Henriksdal  |  Canalside life in Hammarby Sjöstad: sidewalk sushi on afeathery*nest  |
Sushi from PONG Henriksdal  |  Canalside life in Hammarby Sjöstad: sidewalk sushi on afeathery*nest  |
And then we sat and sat. And sat some more, taking in the view and basking in the sunlight (although I began to feel a bit overheated first and silently hoped R would join me in my blisteringness so we could go). Before that though, we said, "wait, why don't we do this more often?".

(And then the bill came, reminding us why).

But still, it was such a nice evening out and the best part? The ride home on the wooden walkways between the seagrass and canal with seagulls swooping lazily by.

Sunset on the canal in Hammarby Sjöstad  |  Canalside life in Hammarby Sjöstad: sidewalk sushi on afeathery*nest  |
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  1. Your posts are always so dreamy, J. I know you live in a beautiful place, but you really have a knack for making the everyday so enchanting. xo

    1. You're so kind and your words really mean a lot to me.

      Thank you, Amanda!

  2. Your pics capture how nice it is along the water there. But what's up with bench in the pics? Leaning and slanted, or is it me? Have you captured the way things look after a couple drinks sitting along the water there? That's even more impressive....

    1. Thanks, Joel!

      About that bench. When we arrived there was a guy and his pooch sitting on it while waiting for their take-out order to be prepared. So we thought, wow, so that's a piece of useable Swedish sidewalk art, nice! Then we watched him stand as his order was brought out and continue along the water...where we saw him pass the next bench, which was not drunkenly leaning over. At which point we realized, no, the leaning tower of bench wasn't "art", but a bench that someone perhaps hit with a car, but somehow it's still functional.


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