Thursday, July 17, 2014

Canalside life in Hammarby Sjöstad: a pier picnic

So here's the thing about dining out along the waterfront in Hammarby Sjöstad (a.k.a., my happy place in Stockholm)...who says you have to dine out?

The night after our sushi feast we rode ourselves right back to the port, but headed to one of the bigger decks to spread out our picnic blankets and towels along with our neighbors, instead of parking our bicycles in front of a restaurant.

Some people brought stacks of piping-hot boxed pizzas from down the street, others brought portable grills with korv (I was a little jealous once that smoky scent filled the air), but we brought a bottle of ice-cold mineral-y white wine and a huge bowl of mozzarella salad for dinner. And for some light entertainment? A specially-sent issue of Kinfolk magazine from someone in San Francisco that knows me very, very well, and one of my new Swedish library books. I read a few pages of the latter aloud to R so he could correct my pronunciation (and explain the many things I didn't understand), but then turned my attention to the former. We set a good summery playlist on a phone (quietly) and then leaned back to soak up one of Stockholm's most perfect July eves.

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  1. im loving these photos and beautiful color. enjoy your time.

    1. Thanks, Dixya! This town is so photogenic! :)

  2. So is everything in sweden connected to some body of water?! - So many picnic opportunities to be had!


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