Monday, June 9, 2014

Balcony life

It never occurred to me as odd that I was content to live without immediate access to fresh air for so many years in NYC. All of us locked up in our high rises a five minute walk and elevator ride away from wiggling our toes in fresh air (much less soft grass) was the norm. Having a balcony in an urban apartment now seems like the most extravagant thing in the world. Who needs gold-rimmed, claw-footed bathtubs or scented towel warmers when I can inhale actual, honest-to-goodness fresh air from my living room?

(Okay, maybe I don't need a sleek tub, but I wouldn't mind a washer/dryer or fireplace...)

Even when we had endless rainy days and cold fronts rolling through in May we hardly ever closed the balcony terrace door all the way. Since summer finally decided to show it's sunny face, though, we basically have another room as the door is always wide open these days. Starting the morning with a cup of coffee and the news (okay: my feedly blog list) out here before heading in to study or having a drink outside in the evening while kids run crazily below in the courtyard is pretty much the height of luxury for me right now.

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  1. my balcony doesnt have such spectacular view like yours yet that fresh air always is delightful esp with coffee and news (aka feedly) too.

    1. Nothing better than some fresh air and a bit o' coffee + news :).

  2. Such a delightful space. Happy that you are enjoying it so much. JC/FM


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