Friday, May 16, 2014

Bath house day at Elements Spa in Södermalm

Elements Spa balcony terrace at Clarion Hotel in Södermalm, Stockholm  |  Bath house day at Elements Spa in Södermalm on afeathery*nest  |
Earlier this week we took advantage of our continuing status as a lady-and-gent-of-leisure to spend the afternoon at a spa. A few reasons why this happened:
  • R has always been a fanatic of the pool/sea and saunas, and while I wasn't at the beginning of our courtship, I came over to his side a few years ago
  • Scandinavians are extremely pro-sauna (you'll find them in many houses and even in some apartments!)
  • It was yet another gray day and instead of Vitamin D we could perk ourselves up with a wee bit of pampering
  • As we're not working at the moment (and haven't been since we left NYC), it seemed that we had no choice but to take advantage of a 2-for-1 deal that R found (Stockholm is generally as, if not more, expensive than NYC), since we needed a little skin soothing anyway
The place that made all this possible? Elements Spa at the Clarion Hotel in Södermalm. R came across a weekday deal for two at 295SEK, or $45. That's right: forty-five dollars for two people to spend the entire day at a bath house. Of course we had to go!

We took a nice 30-minute walk to the spa and then spent the next few hours alternating between the heated indoor-outdoor pool (separated by a glass divider that zoomed up so you could continue your swim outside in a glassed-in pool open to the elements), the sauna, the snow shower, the steam sauna, and snoozing wrapped in blankets and towels on the terrace. There were only a handful of other people there, so we were almost always the only ones in the saunas. And, our package included the most delicious cardamom tea and fresh fruit, so we punctuated our spa cycles with a cup or two and a few delicacies from the platter to keep ourselves nice and hydrated.

By the time we left our skin was glowing, our nails were sparkling, and our expressions were nice and languid.

One small thing dampened the experience, though. We weren't told when we arrived that only one towel was included for our entire visit: the bathhouse portion and our actual post-bath shower. I'm all for clean living and lessening the use of water, detergent and electricity, but had I known at the beginning, I wouldn't have carted my towel into the steam sauna with me and used it to mop at my hair when I went outside. The prospect of a wet towel for my post-bath shower wasn't so nice, but neither was the idea of paying for a towel (30SEK each, or $4.50), so, I used my bathrobe and you know what? It was fine. But, FYI for anyone thinking of going.

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