Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 9

The Strand at Club Monaco in the Flatiron  |  Week 9 on afeathery*nest  |
  • The mental reconditioning has begun: I've officially changed my Google account to military / European clock settings and kilometers (eep!). Haven't made the plunge to Celsius yet, though I should get on that soon.

    Actually, first I should get my head around the conversion between USD < > SEK < > EUR...

  • We're getting used to eating all our meals from the couch and finding new ways to balance whatever we enter the house with in precarious piles, as we've been selling things like mad and our beautiful dining set, as well as basically all table-top surfaces, have now found new homes elsewhere. But, we still have our entire bedroom set to ship off.

  • Actually, as part of the last-month-in-NYC whirlwind, we've got lots of meals planned out—dinners, brunches, coffees, etc., so we may not be spending all that much time awkwardly cutting our food from our lap top setting on the couch anyway. We're crossing all the places we've meaning to get to off the list, while spending as much time with our friends and family here before we're off, like ABC Cocina, Family Recipe, Barn Joo, Pearl & Ash, etc.

  • And while we're wrap things up here and getting lost in the minutiae of details (me more than R, naturally), we're still finding moments to start daydreaming about the place that could be ours in Stockholm. I'm already envisioning a rose-filled balcony...
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  1. rose filled balcony - i need a picture when that happens.

  2. SO excited.......!! I hope you continue blogging without breaking the whole way so we can experience every delicious morsel of this wonderful adventure!!!

  3. I'm so excited for you and your rose filled balcony!!! Can't wait to see how you transition!

    1. You're a dear, thank you! Hope to share lots and lots! :)


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