Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week 12

Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NYC  |  Week 12 on afeathery*nest  |
  • We officially have no more furniture. The only things left in our apartment are the boxes of our belongings and summer/winter clothes that we're shipping to Stockholm, and our suitcases of things we'll be using in Italy and in Sweden until our shipment arrives. The one thing we're keeping until Departure Day is our mattress. We're too old and crotchety (okay, maybe just me for the last one) to spend our/my last week in NYC sleeping on a yoga mat.
  • I feel so untethered. I'm doing a little bit of work on one of my projects and have one more teensy thing to resolve with the silly banks, but other than that, we seem to be ready to go. At least physically and financially. Mentally is another thing altogether.
  • R's last day of work was today, so for the next week we'll mostly just be saying our goodbyes to New York.

P.S. This will be the last Weekly roundup for now/ever—I'm putting them on hiatus during the move/vacation and "12" is a nice, round number to pause on, right? Plus, I think once we're in a new home in May, I have a feeling I'll be posting more frequently.

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