Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 10

Happy Bones NYC  | Week 10 on afeathery*nest  |
This week was a treat—R and I had not one, not two, but three days off together! We filled it with coffee and massages and walks and things (and okay, a smidgen of packing), but it was so good to have some time together—full days, instead of a few exhausted hours before collapsing into bed (speaking of bed, we sold the frame so our mattress is on the floor now, which oddly, I kind of like! Feels very zen).

But back to the week and the highlights of our outside-the-apartment lollygagging:
  • Wandering around Soho to pick up goodies for a picnic-like dinner at home and happening across a coffee shop I had pinned forever ago on my NYC To-Try list: Happy Bones (pictured above). They've become known for those beautiful spoons (which apparently are so beloved that people are swiping them!). Coffee was delicious and the atmosphere was delicious, too, in that sunlit, industrial, minimalist style. 

  • In the aftermath of all the work hubbub, my back was a mess of knotty ridiculousness that not even R could work out, so he took me to Taiji Body Work, where we had the most incredible massage, made even more so by the price—$55 for 75 minutes. (For non-New Yorkers: that is an insanely good deal). We arrived a few minutes early for our appointment, and were escorted straight in to a clean, calming room with dim lighting, a portable heater and soothing music playing. We lay down on the two tables and after a few minutes petite women walked in and started loosening our muscles with a strength that belied their size. My lady was particularly good, using her knuckles, elbows and knees to smooth out all the kinks between and around my muscles and tendons and whatever else was all convoluted under the surface. They didn't stop with their hands, but incorporated hot stones, too. When I walked out my shoulders were noticeably two inches lower than when I walked in. We made a pact to come back to see these women every time we return (that's how good it was).

  • Then, strolling over to the newest FIKA outpost (yes, I know I've complained before, but it was necessary) to indulge in Semla for Fettisdagen (a.k.a., Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Shrove Tuesday, etc.). Semla are yeasty, saffrony, cardmom-cream filled buns with a layer of marzipan that Swedes eat once a year that day to mark the start of Lent. We had two macchiatos post-massage and one Semla to share (I swiped the cream and left R the hull, of course).

  • And, speaking of R and dairy-type things, I showed him what I wrote on Friday and he promptly Googled and sent me this link to Lost in Stockholm, a blog I've been to many times before (she's an American Expat in Stockholm), but had somehow missed that post. Mystery solved: I need to get Gammaldagsmjölk (translation: Old Fashioned Milk) for an approximation of what I have here at home.

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