Thursday, March 27, 2014

The things I won't miss at all about NYC & the U.S.

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{ Vintage cab right off Wall Street, where I've lived for 7 years  |  Spring 2013  }
And as an antidote to my earlier post, which made me a bit homesick (and I haven't even left yet! Although...T-5), here are the things I'll be glad to leave behind:

What I'll not miss at all about NYC
+ "Living to work" vs. "working to live" mentality.

+ The noise / stench / crush of humanity at avenue crosswalks.

+ Subway / sidewalk umbrella battles when it rains—not to mention the nasty water that drips through the sidewalk, down the pipes in the subway and onto the back of your neck while you wait for your train. Oh, and let's not forget the nasty street water that seeps into your shoes. Gross. 

+ The wretched odor of city streets in the summer, when piles of garbage bags line up like little sentries of digustingness.

+ The underground tenants of the city—furry little rodents that scuttle about the train tracks...and sometimes make their way up to the platform (eeek!).

+ A view from my apartment windows with no "scope for imagination"—a direct sight line into semi-abandoned high-rise Office Space-type offices is quite dismal.

+ Absurdly thoughtless neighbors.

What I'll not miss at all about the U.S.
+ The guilt of feeling the need to tip even for poor service because I know that's how waitstaff earns a living.

+ Piddly vacation policies.

+ The abysmal vortex of health insurance.

Lack of a proper rail system connecting cities and regions.

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