Friday, March 21, 2014

How today looks

How today looks on afeathery*nest  |

Balancing pizza peels topped with cheese and olives and sauteed greens on top of gaping cartons that haven't been taped closed yet and are now serving as a makeshift table.

The bureau hauled out of the bedroom and hulking in the den to make room for maneuvering around the bed so I can haul childhood things down from my closet shelves...and to have a countertop for resting our bags and winter layers on when we walk in the door (since all the surface areas in the living room have been sold).

Piles of precariously-stacked things for Salvation Army pickup, other piles in hopeful mounds for Craigslist sales. Some boxes carefully labelled and secured shut, others still open waiting to be filled and final decisions to be made.

A kitchen and bathroom I haven't bothered to tidy up in a week (or two) because, why?

But still, fresh white sheets in the bedroom (even if our mattress is on the floor now) and candles lit there and everywhere else.

Feeling somewhat accomplished as almost everything on my pre-move checklist has been checked off.

Yet, looking at the calendar and realizing it's only 10 days until our departure, I feel a bit achy and topsy turvy in my tummy.

Are we really moving to Sweden?!

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    1. Ha, one of these slick wooden deals:

      I had a friend gift me a pizza making set in college (a pizza stone for the oven, this peel to slide pizzas in and out of the oven, and a pizza cutter). I never could get the stone to work, but that peel, we use it for everything! Makes for a nice little presentation when we have friends over (or, when I'm having a quiet eve to myself at home on the couch ;) ).


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