Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Brighton Beach walk

When I checked the 5-day forecast last Friday evening and saw Saturday's high was 57F (to be followed by a high of 28F today), I messaged my Dad and asked if he'd like to meet me on the beachfront in Brooklyn to wander along the sand. I've been out to Brighton Beach/Coney Island three times in my life, and all of them within the past 18 months (did I mention I was born and spent my first few years in NYC? Perhaps my parents once took me to Coney Island in the summer, but I clearly have no recollection).

The last time I went was  a few weeks ago when the landscape was a quite a bit different. While the weather was ever so much more cooperative this time, the topsy-turvy MTA subway system was not. What should have been a simple 40-minute subway ride turned into a 2-hour ordeal, due to weekend construction work, that involved two trains, a long (very long) wait, and a shuttle bus through Saturday traffic.

I was not amused.

Luckily, the feel of sea air (even if not quite "fresh") on my skin, sunlight on my face, the calls of seagulls, and scrambling along a rock jetty for some pictures blew all my black clouds away.

P.S. T-14 days!


  1. uggh weekend commuting in nyc... should have done some vodka shots to compensate! yey for the day count!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. So absurd, why can't we be like other cities and do construction at night?!

      Should definitely have had some liquid relaxant :). There were a few groups of Russians on the beach who had definitely had some!


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