Monday, February 24, 2014

When it rains

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It wasn't too long ago that I mentioned how nicely things can sometimes turn out if you write down a wish, a hope for something to change, and then send it out into the ether.

As further proof, I present to you Exhibit B:

Soon after we made the commitment to move I started to think about what that would mean for me work wise and added it to my growing, pre-move list of things-to-keep-thinking-about-and-hopefully-do-something-about-soon. After we arrive and get settled I plan to take advantage of Sweden's gratis language classes for foreigners (which are essentially full time), but I also want to contribute to our little household before I'd be available to interview for a full-time job. Then again, now that I'm used to the on-my-own thing, I wouldn't mind at all if I could keep that going.

So what happens? A few weeks before the contract ends for the project I've been working on for the last few months—timed perfectly to give me a month to coordinate this move, or so I thought—I was approached with two different projects, both of which have a tie to Sweden. Crazy, right?

The amazing thing is that they'd essentially be a bridge of sorts from NYC to Stockholm, as they'd last a few months each, but not require me to be "on" at all hours of the day, so I can get us moved, get us settled, take some time off, and be working while going to school.

The first involves communications work with a global agency on a real estate project in NYC, but in conjunction with their Stockholm office. The other is with a Scandinavian digital team based in NYC to do a tourism campaign with...the country of Sweden. Of course I had to say "yes" to both, which is why for the last few weeks I've basically been working two-and-a-half shifts a day, as both new projects started now, before my existing one ends, and right when move prep is kicking into high gear.

To say I'm looking forward to my sabbatical of sorts in Sicily come April is putting it extremely mildly.

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  1. yay :) so happy that everything is going well for you.

  2. So happy about these projects! and a bit jealous too, paychecks are nice :)

    1. Thanks so much! Trust me though, it was a littttttle too much at one time (and, no nice severance pay for me, so I *had* to!). But, things are slowing down at the moment, which is just fine because I seriously need to pack/sell stuff!

      (Paychecks are v. nice :) ).

  3. Wow girl lucky to have those opportunities and oh how it's just going to make April all that much more sweeter! ;)

    1. I'm trying to keep that in mind through this crazy month (the lucky girl part!). Trying not to rush through my last few weeks here, but ooo, so hard to not close my eyes and try to wake up in April! :)

  4. It's kind of like wedding planning. Stressful but gotta savor it all as it's only going to happen this time...

  5. oh and FYI those white flowers are my FAVORITE for a fresh clean feel in the bathroom.


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