Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week 8

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The last two weeks have been a bit of a blur—I suppose that's what happens when you take on 2 projects in addition to your full-time gig, while preparing for a non-corporate-assisted international move (who does that?!).

But, a few things bubbled to the surface of my bleary-eyed haze when I tried to recall this week's highlights over my chai this morning:
  • I was having one of those days when the onslaught of emails was never-ending with messages flying back and forth for each of my three projects, from the banker, the mover, and Craiglist buyers, not to mention my family trying to plan pre-departure things. Every time I hit "send" another email would pop in, so I could never get ahead of the deluge. Just as I felt a tear of frustration start to well, a friend working around the corner messaged me to meet her—the one day I didn't have leftovers from home and I most needed an analog lunch. How perfect. An hour away from all screens plus espresso hot chocolate for dessert plus a good, cathartic venting session? Yes, pretty please.

  • A particularly delicious bottle of Australian wine that made late nights a bit easier. If you're curious: Penfold's 2008 Koonunga Hilla Shiraz Cabernet.

  • Temperatures in the high 40s, almost 50s (!) towards the end of the week that made early mornings a bit easier.

  • Meeting my mom on the subway platform at my stop (love when that works out perfectly!) for a trip out to Brooklyn for lunch at my Haitian friend and her girlfriend's beautiful, grown-up, antique-furnished and art-draped apartment. My friend's mom made the meal and dropped it off for us, so lots of homemade Haitian amazingness was enjoyed.

  • Then taking the subway back towards Manhattan a few hours later, but stopping in Dumbo for a paella dinner with other girlfriends at another friend's home (something I think I will desperately miss in a few months...)

  • Perky irises nodding in their vase

  • Season 2 of House of Cards

  • And now, a solid day of work at home before heading off to meet R in the Lower East Side for an early dinner out at a new restaurant. Main topic to be discussed: an apartment that could be ours on May 1st in Stockholm... (!!!)

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  1. SO exciting! -discussion point with R- and so glad you're doing the quintessential new yorky things before you go. ps - we had paella on saturday for a family dinner to send my dad and bro back to NY. was yum.

    1. Crazy, no?

      And, paella really is amazing. Easy for a crowd and lots of goodies tucked in like little surprises. :) Hope you had a good visit with your fam!

  2. oooo, excited to hear about potential apartment!


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