Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 6

  • The baby is going home next week—so this past week was bookended with him staying at our apartment last weekend and us going out to Long Island to my brother's in-laws' house for an afternoon this weekend to get our fill of his coos and laughter. He's almost three months now and it's amazing how much he's changed—he's rounded out, all chubby thighs and dimpled knuckles, and he laughs and laughs and registers our presence. His gray-blue eyes follow us as we move around (either that or the bangles jangling on my right hand get his attention). Going to miss seeing his rosy cheeks and watching him conducting orchestras for himself (he's in that pudgy, fists-flailing-about stage) so much.

  • With all the snow this past week I was able to work from home for three days, so I finally made tons of progress on what was supposed to be my "amuse bouche", if you will, of knitting projects to make up for the last one. Turns out it's taking quite a bit longer than I thought, since I keep forgetting that it's only baby bits that can be zoomed off in a weekend.

  • I've lately taken to eating handfuls of roasted walnuts and a few crimson strawberries every time I pass the kitchen counter (which is often). It's a delicious combination, in case you were looking for a new (February-appropriate) snack.
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