Thursday, February 27, 2014

Prescription: a bright, sunshiny day

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If you look through the archives (or just have a very good memory), you know that I've mentioned tons of times how I often feel a bit listless. Energyless. Basically: blah.

The majority of the tweaks I've added to my daily routine are precisely to try and un-blah things. Changing jobs (well, work style/clients vs. actual job) helped, and as Alla mentioned in the comments here, maybe leaving NYC will help, too.

But in terms of a potential "quick fix", something else may help.

When I had my annual physical a few weeks ago, I (shockingly) discovered that I'm deficient in Vitamin D! The recommended levels are between 32-100, and I'm at 24.6. And, ho lookie here, what's the number one symptom listed on this functional doctor's site for Vitamin D deficiency? Fatigue.

Unfortunately I wasn't tested last year, so I can't compare. But maybe this is not so shocking, as Vitamin D is the one vitamin you can't get naturally from foods (you can get it from cold water fish, like salmon and mackerel, but not enough).

The only guaranteed way to get it is from sun exposure, so clearly R and I need to go back to Mexico.

Barring that, and since I already eat a bit of fish (though I could eat more), I've begun taking a supplement for the next month of NYC winter. Then hopefully a few weeks in Sicily and summer in Stockholm (where the sun sets for only a few hours a day!), will help me get my fill naturally.

So glad to finally know who the potentially-clear-cut culprit of this problem is!

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  1. im glad you got that checked out. hopefully moving from cold NY will fix that :)

  2. REALLY!?? I thought vitamin d deficiency was just something they scared you with... You know that here in NL all kids are prescribed to take vitamin D drops every day (from birth). But wow, what a wake up call about this being a real thing.

    1. Crazy, right?! Me, too! But it makes sense—long-term office worker in the upper hemisphere = not much sunlight. Haven't yet noticed a difference, but I read it takes a few months to build up your reserves. Will switch to natural Vitamin D absorption in Sicily in April, but for now, taking a pill every morning with my butter tea :). Do y'all/your kids take it?

  3. Low d is an epidemic and not many people know about it but should!!! It has a lot to do with many other critical functions and linked to overall immune health and the list goes on. I had a scary low number (9) and now take liquid drops in water to maintain a higher number. And they keep raising the amt you should be at. It used to be that 30's were ok but now they've upped it to 60+ now that they know it's linked to so many things. I hope you find that your energy changes and also it will affect your mood as it's related to winter depression etc

    1. Whoa, 9?! That IS scary! Knowing all the things it's tied to, I can't believe I never thought it was the culprit when I kept trying different things to change my energy levels. I was knocked silly when the doctor showed me my results. Apparently it takes a few months to build your reserves back up (how long did it take for you?), so am hoping these strong doses I'm taking now, plus a few weeks sunning myself, and then of course summer itself, will get me to a good place by Fall.

      (And, I hope I find it bumps up my energy, too! ;) ).

  4. well i guess it's just a reminder for city folk to GO TO THE BEACH ;) And so good now that you DO know. It was a few months...and happens progressively so I didn't suddenly feel a difference. And plus it depends on what other stressors are going on at the time (and for me there was a lot of competition at the time)...and it's a good thing to check yearly (and probably in a few months) to monitor progress. For me I know at least in my current lifestyle I have to check for D and Iron... How long are you going to be in sicily? so jealous :)

    1. Seriously—a necessary reminder, indeed! Hope it'll be easy to test in Sweden in a few months (they seem to frown on "needless" exams... ;) ).

      And, will be in Sicily for most of April! #woo!


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