Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Some news

Remember I said 2014 would be the year of adventure? I wasn't kidding...

Stockholm National Day Celebrations  |  Ola Ericson/imagebank.sweden.se
...Seven weeks from this evening, R and I will head to the airport with our myriad passports in one hand and one-way tickets from New York City to Stockholm in the other. (Although, not sure who'll be tugging along our suitcases then, but of course you know what I mean).

After many, many ups and and downs on this journey to getting a residency permit allowing me to live and work in Sweden (a right I was due, given my marriage to a 1/2 Swede by birth), we finally heard back after legal intervention that I was approved to live and work in the country—for my entire life (!).

Once that happened, we were able to organize our projects/jobs to end at the same time as our lease (which you'll recall we had to renew last year), with everything coming to a head next month in time for a move at the start of Spring, which actually works out much better than our original idea to move at the start of Winter—I'm assuming that would have been a bit intense for a recently-arrived expat.

We'll spend the first week of April in Stockholm getting paperwork and registration started and signed, and then fly down to Sicily for a few weeks to celebrate a milestone birthday for R's brother, as well as Easter, which I've never celebrated there (we'll see if it can top the Greek Orthodox one I spent on Santorini, complete with the amazing fragrance of locals roasting a spit-fired lamb in their front yard). Those weeks on an island in the Mediterranean will henceforth also be known as my decompression from the last seven years spent on the island of Manhattan.

So really, we won't actually be living and getting settled in Stockholm until mid-Spring, close to the start of May.

But as of right now, we're heading off with no job, no apartment and no language skills (for me at least)—how else would it be an adventure if all that was organized and buttoned up? Perhaps the newly Swedish J will be all about spontaneity, instead of notes and lists and everything settled and decided and planned ahead of time in Google Calendar and my Moleskine Bullet Journal.

(Okay, realistically that won't ever be me 100%, but I'm okay with this looser itinerary and plan...for now.)

All that stands between us and moving in less than two months is the question of what to bring and when/how to sell the leftovers as quickly and cleanly as possible.

I can hardly believe this is really happening (can you?!).

PS. If you're in the NY area and something from our apartment that you've seen in a picture here caught your eye and you're in the mood to buy it, let me know—everything's for sale!

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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you! And really it sounds like maybe just going with the flow here is a little bit of what you need and just trusting the process that everything will work out as it should! YAY! seriously so exciting!

    1. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
      All for going with the flow right now—let the tide come and float me away! :)

  2. this post made me really happy this morning :) after all that hassle, it finally happened. good luck with the moving process, it will all come together. i hope you will continue blogging from the other side of the world too and share your adventures.

    1. Such a sweet thing to say, thanks, Dixya! And don't you worry, will continue to share Swedish shenanigans right here :).

  3. HUUURRRAAA!!!! BEYOND excited!
    And i think it's a GREAT idea to 'decompress' somewhere exotic... yeah....!

    1. Woo woooooo! :)
      I knew you'd especially approve of the decompression time ;).

  4. Yes!! I'm so, so happy for you! Sicily is going to be an amazing place to detox the craziness that is Manhattan and soak in the adventure that is to come. How exciting!

    1. Thanks so much, Amanda!

      We haven't been back to Sicily in a year and a half (poor R misses home!), so will be so, so good to be there now, especially for big birthdays and holiday celebrations :).


  5. CONGRATULATIONS! This is SO exciting! I really hope you continue to blog through your new adventures! It’s so nice to know that all the frustration and work has finally paid off. I wish you and R the best :)

    1. Thanks so much, Erin—you're very sweet!

      Seriously can hardly believe it (also, probably in a little denial since there's SO much to do before we go! ;) ).

      Will definitely continue to share all the foreign foolishness I encounter (and create!), stay tuned!


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