Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 2

Manhattan skyline from Jersey City  | Week 2 on afeathery*nest  |
  • Going back to work after two weeks off is more than just a little tough—made more so by a lack of bathroom facilities, thanks to pipes that burst from the cold. Think about that. Gave me Sandy flashbacks. Things were made slightly better by scheduling a few fun meals with friends (and being able to work from home a few days this past week and next), though.

  • Bowls and bowls of Satsumas

  • My heaviest winter coat only comes down to my mid-thighs, meaning these polar vortex crazy cold winds shoot right up under making for one frigid rump. After hearing me moan about this for a few days, R spent his day off shopping around at stores for a longer coat for me. He didn't end up finding the exact right one, but his gesture warmed me up more than a little.

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  1. aww that's so sweet of R! how do you manuver around having facilities???!

    1. I didn't drink my usual quantity of water those two days AND made trips to the local library and my coffee shop during the day. Normally wouldn't have minded, but the 11F weather made that a bit complicated since each trip out required a massive bundling up! :)

  2. How cold was it up there?? It was -15C in DC!

    1. Whoa, had to translate that into F :). Was 11F here, with wind chill that made it feel colder, so basically about the same! Brrrr.


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