Sunday, January 5, 2014

Week 1

A new year always starts for me when the leaves change colors, rather than when an actual new year dawns on January 1st, but I'll take any excuse to try a new thing. So, here's my newest thing: jotting down a few notes every week about the week prior. Nothing fancy, nothing elaborate, just a list of things I don't want to forget. Things that made my week better, or stronger, or made me feel, made me think, made me hope. A few things that I'd write on a slip of paper and keep in a jar or a notebook to remember, if I did that sort of thing. Let's see how it goes, shall we?

  • Dog run hilarity: I watched a husky, a mutt, a golden retriever, a rottweiler and a spunky French bulldog tumbling around after a ball, with the much shorter bulldog secreting himself under the bigger dogs' withers and standing full height below so he could stealthily attack them from below and behind, nipping the ball straight from their mouths. Smart pooch.

  • Finally discovered a secret to making decent buckwheat pancakes: a little bit of coconut flour in the batter to lighten and sweeten it, making them more pancake-y and less obscenely dense cake-y.

  • Nothing describes why I knit better than this post on Buzzfeed (of all places):
    "The essential thing about knitting that I will never get over is here you have these sticks and this string, and then you look down and you have this object. It’s a very small act of hope, especially when the person you’re knitting for isn’t even here yet...Making anything feels a little like you are taking control in the chaos: This thing is yours, the way you would like it to be, and it exists where before there was nothing."

  • I just got my first crash course in Swedish life—enter, Blizzard Hercules this past Friday, bringing lots of feet of snow and temperatures of 4F. Brrr.

  • The Sunday on or around January 6th is so sad—Christmas decorations disappear and the trek to work gears up to reappear. Must figure out anti-post-holiday-doldrums strategy. At least I have 360 days to do it...

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  1. I just posted the 'strategy' ;) !!!
    For me also, after the New Year has been rung in the rest of the winter seems rather... unnecessary, but there is definitely things 'to do'.

    1. Ha, yes, definitely "rather unnecessary"—I'm feeling especially grim after the most horrid commute this morning. Blech!

      Will pop on over for your strategy... ;)

  2. Oh I like this idea of reflecting! I fear that I wouldn't remember though... do you take notes during the week to remind you?

    1. So funny you ask (I would have, too!). I do...but that's another new thing! Around Thanksgiving I began writing things down daily(ish)—on paper, with a favorite pen but NOT in a fancy journal, in fact I used one I already had laying around and half used. Trying to get into the practice of noticing the good that's already around me. So for this first weekly list, I did look back at recent jottings. Let's see how long I can keep it up... ;)

  3. Replies
    1. Working for myself (as an independent contractor), but currently doing a full-time project where I work from the team's offices most days of the week.


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