Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014: the beginning

Happy New Year! Did y'all have a good end to 2013 and beginning to 2014?

We had a bit of a scare this past weekend, the last of the year, so I was more than ready to send 2013 on its way. One of those things happened that make you realize this city that we love to hate and hate to love can sometimes be the big, bad, mean city people far away in small towns always say it is. Amazingly, and luckily, everyone is okay now, but we got one of those calls that you never want to get—especially from a parent (or, I suppose one day, your child). Bonus was, my dad stayed with us for a few days so I could take care of him and even bigger bonus, guess what fits him perfectly? Silver lining and all that.

We also had a joyous baptism for the baby the morning after we babysat again, which ended the weekend on a good note. Despite the pouring rain and the realization that getting yourself and a baby dressed and ready for a day out is never as quick as you think it will be, we managed to get us and the baby to my brother's hotel and then to the church without being more than 10 minutes late.

Then for the last Monday of the year we had some good barbecue at Blue Smoke and saw The Wolf of Wall Street (note: do not recommend seeing this movie sitting next to a parent! I'm traumatized forever and ever, now), and said goodbye to 2013 on Tuesday at our friend's apartment in Brooklyn. There were babies (including our family's newest one), Brazilian food and rooftop viewings of the city twinkling across the river—perhaps its way of making nice with me.

Today R and I woke up late (very late), had side-by-side pancakes (crepes with marmalade for him, and coconut-buckwheat flapjacks for me), watched a movie, and then went for a nice long walk. Traditionally New Year's day calls for greens and beans and pork—we only managed the greens with a nice big platter of bok choy sauteed in olive oil, garlic and crushed red pepper. A little freshness and cleansing to start the year.

Hope your year is starting off well, too!

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    1. Thanks, dear. Physically, he's okay now. But I think he'll be feeling vulnerable emotionally/mentally for quite a while :/.

  2. Oh gosh... hope your dad is ok! NYC has gotten so 'domestic' in the last 10 years it's hard to remember to be 'on the look out'...

    1. Absolutely right. In all my years here I have NEVER felt unsafe (granted, I don't go to "unsafe" neighborhoods or come home at 3AM, but still), sometimes almost forget I live in this huge city. Thanks for the note, dear.

  3. Aside from the scare, sounds like a pretty good start!


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