Friday, December 6, 2013

Rainy Fridays

I woke up this morning grumbling about the prospect of putting on my nasty weather gear for the trip up to the office, wishing like mad that today was my remote day. Sadly, the drippy city was waiting for me outside to escort me along on my commute.

So, out my door and into the hustle-y bustle I went. When the rain comes out, so do the grumpy people (myself included). With our unwieldy umbrellas and soggy socks we battle down the sidewalks and jostle each other on the subway, slyly grinding our elbow into the back of someone whose bag is thumping against our knees (oh, is that just me?).

But, before I could even descend into the hellhole that is a muggy, watery NYC subway platform, a particularly heartwarming scene made me stop in the rain and watch:

(Warning: glaring generalization ahead.)

A typical NY Wall Street Fat Cat came charging around the corner, trenchcoat billowing out behind him, half a ciggarette hanging from his mouth, white earbuds dangling down to his pocket, briefcase with the water-logged tips of the Journal peeking out from one hand, while the other madly typed on his phone. I was behind someone—don't know if it was a male or female type of someone, as s/he was completely hidden from view inside a massive black hoodie, but a tassled, cream fleece scarf hung limply off his/her shoulder, so perhaps a woman? As this person trudged along their scarf floated off of their shoulder and Mr. Fat Cat, who was coming towards us, tried to hail the scarfless person down, but they were having none of it. Maybe they thought he was a solicitor, maybe s/he didn't hear. Whatever the case, s/he kept trudging along.

Fat Cat picks up the sodden scarf and waves it around, calling to Trudger. Trudger has already reached the end of the block and turned right, meanwhile I was meant to turn left and head down into the subway, but I watched as Fat Cat ran to catch up and followed Trudger for another block! When he was finally able to convince Trudger that he was not trying to hassle him/her, Trudger snatched the scarf back and kept on. Fat Cat smiled and waved anyway, then turned back around and retraced his previous steps without any detectable trace of annoyance.

Talk about wrong assumptions. That'll teach me.

+ + +

A few more hours until the weekend arrives, which will find me cleaning the apartment, finally finishing up my opus for R (hopefully), meeting friends for wine flights, at-home pizza making, brunch on Sunday, and hopefully lots of stolen hours between spent snuggled up warm and dry and in candlelight reading and knitting on our sofa and cracking into the season's first batch of roasted chestnuts. Hope you all have a lovely one!

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  1. Awww this is a nice story. Hopefully today I can try to act a little more like that Fat Cat.

    1. As could we all! I am going to smile at at LEAST one person on the way home this afternoon. Pinky swear.

  2. haha! typical new york... to just keep walking and ignore because you immediately assume it's someone out to harass you :) or hit on you, or rob you... and yes breaking assumptions is what nyc is about. Now about yukky weather, get yourself a good sturdy umbrella with something obnoxiously colorful like roses or butterflies on it!!!! you'll immediately feel better!


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