Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hello, December

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On the first of the month, this past Sunday, apart from opening the door for a FreshDirect delivery and a 4:30PM'ish amble to the kitchen to make dinner and then to the bathroom for a quick shower, I was rooted to the couch. A pot of golden chai from Numi brewed with lashings of creamy milk was on the table beside me, an eggshell colored fleece was tucked in all around me and my fluffy-lavender-robe-encased self, and I had two brand new library books propped up on the windowsill.

I spent the entire day sans computer, sans talking to anyone—an antidote to the back-to-back days of work over the holiday.

It was most blissful and topped off with the lighting of many candles, the serving of one hefty dirty martini and a movie*.

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*Albeit, one of those somewhat foolish, typically-American movies with bombs blowing up every which way and terrorists attacking the White House...but, still.

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