Monday, December 9, 2013

Feasting, seasonally

Saturday wine social at Ardesia / Hell's Kitchen, NYC  |  "Feasting, seasonally" on a feathery*nest

One of the things that I'm most constantly amazed by is how very sane our bodies are. When we sleep well, we function better. When we've hurt ourselves, we feel pain. I'm still completely blown away by the fact that women can grow whole new beings from within themselves!

But, then there's the normal, more everyday ways our bodies talk to us, like when our appetite and cravings change as the seasons do. As the daylight hours diminish and I begin adding more and more layers to my workday uniform, the food my tummy asks for has been adjusting, too. I can barely keep our fridge stocked with enough crinkly-leafed greens to stay on top of my near-nightly dinner of what seems like bushels of kale or spinach or bok choy or mustard greens or broccoli rabe steamed and bathed in heavy glugs of olive oil, infused with golden garlic and generous dustings of crushed red pepper. I imagine a protective shield of antioxidants and immune system boosters close around me to keep me flu-free on NYC's subways as I gobble it down.

After dinner I snuggle up with lit candles on every surface around me and a mug of spiced tea (cardamom, ginger and clove—immune system boosters!) sipped as I pick at a bowlful of tangerine or satsuma plugs (Vitamin C to help shun the many yuckety yuck germs flying about offices this time of year).

Then of course the seasonal wonder that is a plate of roasted chestnuts (to keep us satiated during cold nights) and sprinkled with cinnamon (more antioxidants) and perhaps accompanied by a wee dollop of coconut cream or butter appear quite often.

Not to mention, all the soups and stews and braises that besides boosting our health and energy with cupfuls of good things, just makes us feel all warm and cozy and prepared inside for the frigid temps outside.

Of course, there's always room for a few glasses of wine and plates of charcuterie and cheese, as you saw in the picture above, which I took at a wine bar where I had a "business meeting" (clearly it was very Mad Men'esque, with its high level of booziness) this weekend. Those sorts of things know no seasonal bounds.

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  1. my appetite and energy level depends entirely on the weather. ever since the temp dropped down im craving nothing but pho and hibernate with sex and the city :P

    1. Wow, that is seriously a winning combination! Good call, Dixya!

  2. yea living in NY vicariously though Carrie :P


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