Thursday, November 7, 2013

The rosy glow of an autumn dusk

NYC/Manhattan from across the Hudson River  |  The rosy glow of an autumn dusk  |

This past weekend was rife with fallishness. Lovely, fiery fallishness. Is there anything more gorgeous than autumnal light pulsating across my city at dusk? Look at that rosy-hued urban mountain above. Doesn't she look stoic and majestic? I spent Sunday with my mom and after seeing the city under a crisp, almost sharp, blue sky and noon-day light on the way to see her, then again in the sweet light of dusk on my way home, I felt a tender fondness for this crazy, chaotic, absurd city that I call home.

NYC/Manhattan from across the Hudson River  |  The rosy glow of an autumn dusk  |

While at my mom's we took care of seasonal mending and washing as soon as I arrived (lucky her with her own washer/dryer!), then spent the rest of the day listening to classical music on shuffle with water and milk for creamy, spicy chai percolating all afternoon and both our sets of hands flicking about under, over and around our needles. She was putting the finishing touches on her layette, while I continued to toil away (....happily!) on the sweater R requested.

Mother-daughter knitting |  The rosy glow of an autumn dusk  |

The day before I had visited a friend craving a fresh start on the Upper West Side—it's an area I don't know very well, but I'm thinking I need to change that pronto. My warm and fuzzy feelings toward it a few weeks ago were only intensified this trip up. Such a welcoming place for a new chapter.

And not only is her apartment on the top floor of an adorable brownstone with a proper vestibule and curving staircase, but she has a generous skylight, an exposed brick wall and she's painted a few accent walls in soothing shades of blue to complete the feeling of a floating sanctuary. That sereneness, plus a view over the low-rise skyline to a salmon pink and orange Julius sunset on her first night there was reason enough for me to bring her a heady bouquet of fuchsia roses the next day as an homage to her rosy omen of a sunset.

What have y'all been up to these weekends?

Upper West Side (UWS) + American Museum of Natural History |  The rosy glow of an autumn dusk  |

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  1. Upper WEST Side!?? Oh the horror....... :) just kidding! friendly teasing from Upper EAST side girl ;) hehe

  2. what a lovely day and that view- to die for!

  3. @ Alla: << smirk >> ;)
    @ Dizya: Thanks! I live for those kinds of comfy days :).

  4. Few things:

    1. Your fall kingdom surrounds you and is gorg. Soak every bit of that up pls, for me.

    2. I'm so glad R is making you make this big, swallowing up-type sweater - the type of attire that is meant to be knitted. Hand-knit, by you, takes it to a whole other level.

    3. You know what I've been up to on the weekends. I'm jealous of your variety. Although soon I'll have mine back and be jealous of the lack of that that I once had. Sighhh.

    1. Awwww, I love numbered lists! And I love you for leaving this comment!

      #2 totally made me mushy inside and re #1 and #3: I can't wait for you to get in the throes of your own Fall Kingdom soon. Momo and Ted and Indie will have no match for the pics to come of you-know-who that you better take and post!



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