Sunday, November 10, 2013

Odds and ends

Kaffe 1668  |  "Odds and ends"  |
{  Gorgeous farmhouse table at Kaffe 1668  |  Tribeca  }

I've got a bit of a week coming up. Some might be inclined to call it an exciting, fun, adventurous week. I'm more inclined to call it a frazzled, stressful, energy-draining week.

Potato, po-tah-to.

I wouldn't mind sitting right here where I am, at home on the couch all warm and cozy, but the week starts this afternoon, so I'm doing my best to squeeze in a few hours of Sunday morning lollygagging before it all begins.

+ + +

So here's something odd that's been happening recently: glasses seem to spontaneously break every time I reach into the cupboard or the dishwasher. Maybe in their own sweet, inanimate way they're trying to help us with future packing headaches. It must be that and definitely not my hurried, harried, impatient ways, right?

+ + +

Last week I set out on my first attempt at working remotely / mobile all day long. Not too surprisingly, I planned out a much-too-jam-packed foot route taking me to two different coffee shops meticulously researched for WiFi, quality of coffee, and availability of seating, while also fitting in lunch in the Meatpacking District and swinging by a library in Nolita where a new stack of books were waiting for me.

Kaffe 1668 in Tribeca was my first stop and would have been perfect, had there been outlets and had there not been head-pounding music playing. I lasted there two hours (which included one conference call), before moving further up into Tribeca to FIKA (once again) to recharge my laptop and phone.

Then on the way to lunch the skies opened up and as I was sans umbrella (thanks to my mistrust of the weather forecast that morning), I got a nice soaking (of course it also happened on the first day I wore my newly-dry cleaned trenchcoat).

After lunch I had planned to head down to another cafe near the library, but all I managed was to hoof it to the library and then I hopped on a subway home for the rest of the day, much humbled and more cognizant of what being a mobile worker really means (and much more appreciative of working at home).

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