Tuesday, November 5, 2013


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Last night was a little ridiculous.

The heat was on, approximately 14 candles were lit, and my new (obnoxiously young and nerdy and hipstery and trying-hard-to-make-it-in-NYC with their many 6-packs of BudLight) neighbors were pumping the bass on their recently-installed sound system as they blasted heavy metal.

So we retaliated in our own, non-obtrusive, Mahatma Gahndi'esque way. And by "retaliated", I really mean, "coped", since we, being the thoughtful, non-annoying neighbors that we are, (1) could never make noise loud enough or sustained long enough to irritate them without first irritating ourselves and (2) who wants to start that game?

Instead of weapons of mass deafening, there was an entire bottle of wine grown on the slopes of Etna by R's friends. An absurd Indian comedian on Netflix (I mute the raunch and replay the accents/cultural stereotype bits). An insane amount of dark chocolate and an amazing late 80s-early 90s playlist with Meatloaf and Bon Jovi and Extreme and Aerosmith and U2 and Bryan Adams and Roxette that made me proud to be an American.

And then we went to bed, mission of muting out the miscreants accomplished.

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  1. You are so good to not retaliate. What a refreshing post to read! Love the new name. Love & Light, Imen xx

    1. Thank you, dear! And thank you for popping by—so nice to see you here! :)


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