Friday, June 21, 2013

Home linens

Hiya! I realized that in all the recent citizenship hurrumpus, I haven't shared my latest crafty doodads—humor me for a moment while I show these off. First up: a crocheted Christmas blanket.

Granny square crocheted blanket  | *sparklingly | "Home linens"
{ Crocheting for charity!  |  May 2013 }
Yes, it's the middle of the summer, but I had 3 years of yarn scraps from various projects left over—too little to make something, but too much to discard. So I had an idea to put together all the remnants to crochet a blanket to donate this winter. All I had to do was purchase a few bundles of neutral, cream yarn to tie it all together and then I made a small "granny square" and just kept going around and around, working in scrap color after scrap color (with rows of cream in between to marry all the vibrant colors together).

It's the perfect size for a couch throw, so even though this isn't for us, I've stacked it up with our couch snugglies for now and I'll pack it up when our building has its annual collection for winter clothes and home goods in the Fall.

And, I finally finished our set of handmade napkins, after coveting the stack I made for a friend. The first two came off my needles a few weeks ago and I debuted them during one of our Sunday suppers, but it took a while to finish the third and fourth. A bigger project intervened for a bit—which hopefully I'll f.i.n.a.l.l.y. be done with soon!

Handmade knit cotton dinner napkins  | *sparklingly | "Home linens"


  1. I love everything!!! Also, your wedding rings are so pretty! Mine is similar, actually, but now you have me coveting a couple of thin little diamond bands to go with it...Aaron's going to love this idea. Ha!

    1. So sweet, thanks, Amanda! I'm hoping the big project (my first knit top!) that I'm almost done with will come out okay, too :).

      Funny about our wedding rings! And, I've actually already verrrrry cassuallyyy mentioned to R that I plan to add on another band (on each side, naturally) for our 5th wedding anniversary——ha! The bands I have now are different weights of yellow gold, but I'm thinking rose gold for the next ones...just in case you need any more ideas ;).

  2. Such a lovely idea...and i would love to commission you to create a napkin set for us :) ... that is if you're not too busy with your other projects!

    1. Oh wow, I'm so touched you'd want something I made to sit on your table! I did happen to start a new project after finishing my top this weekend——there's a little one arriving later this year and I wanted to get a jump start on baby goodies. But, I like having two projects going on to alternate back and forth, so if you're not in a huge rush, I'd love to create a set for you and E. if you're serious!

    2. Sure... i'm not in any crazy rush. We have cloth napkins in the meantime. I'll send photos of our space... so you can see how it needs to play into things... and maybe you can send a few photos for design ideas that you've done or could do? I think a texture or pattern would work nicely... let's continue the convo via FB?


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